The first few laps of the SPA 24H EWC Motos were intense. After just 30 minutes, the leading bikes, the N°1 Suzuki, the N°7 Yamaha, the N°37 BMW, the N°5 Honda and the N°11 Kawasaki, had opened up a significant gap from the rest of the field, and were engaged in a battle of tenths of a second.

Duelling for the lead the Yoshimura SERT Motul Suzuki the MOTORRAD WORLD ENDURANCE TEAM and the Yart - Yamaha Official Team EWC machines continuously took their turn at the front but none could open enough of a gap to make it hold,the battle was so close.

Just before the end of the first stint, the N°11 Webike SRC Kawasaki France collided with the N°7 Yamaha. Florian Marino had a minor fall but the Kawasaki had to return for minor repairs which cost him 4 minutes. Etienne Masson took the handlebars but crashed after 1 hour and 10 minutes of racing demanding further repair work from from the Kawasaki team plunging the team down the standings with a further 6 minute loss.

The first refuelling sessions spaced out the leaders and the Belgian rider, Xavier Siméon, took the lead in the second hour, a few seconds ahead of the 5 (F.C.C. TSR Honda France), the 37 (BMW MOTORRAD WORLD ENDURANCE TEAM), the 7 (YART) and the 4 (TATI TEAM BERINGER RACING).

In the Superstock class the first two hours were dominated by the N°55 Honda ahead of the N°36 Yamaha of the 3ART BEST FOF BIKE team and the N°33 Kawasaki of Team TEAM 33 LOUIT APRIL MOTO. In fourth position, the N°24 Kawasaki crashed in the gravel at turn 17 and returned to the pits with a puncture. 

After the first two hours of intense competition faded, the riders settled into their rhythm. The N°11, by now in 31st place, crashed for a third time, while the N°7 YART Yamaha, which was in the top four, suffered a mechanical problem at the front which stopped it for four minutes just after the third hour.

The various incidents allowed the Suzuki, Honda, BMW trio to build a strong lead over the  the pack by two laps. The Superstock field was relegated to three laps. The N°33, which leads the pack, is 8th in the overall standings.

EWC standings after 4 hours of racing

  1. N°1 Suzuki Yoshimura SERT Motul
  2. N°5 F.C.C. TSR Honda France
  4. N°333 Yamaha VILTAIS RACING IGOL (+ 2 laps)
  5. N°4 Kawasaki TATI TEAM BERINGER RACING (+ 2 laps) 

SST ranking after 4 hours of racing

  1. N°33 Kawasaki TEAM 33 LOUIT APRIL MOTO
  2. N°36 Yamaha 3ART BEST OF BIKE
  5. N°24 Kawasaki BMRT 3D MAXXESS NEVERS
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