“I am very excited at the idea of riding at Spa as it’s a legendary circuit that is part of the great monuments of racing history! It’s also great for the public as the circuit’s geographical position is perfectly placed for the Germans, Dutch, French, and of course, the Belgians. I have never driven at Spa so I am really eager to get there to do trial runs, also I am going there soon in a personal capacity and then we will have the pre-Spa trials in mid-May. In any case, after talking with some drivers who know this track, who are unanimous in saying that it’s  probably the most beautiful circuit in the world, I really can’t wait to get there. Besides that, the structure of our ream is based in Belgium as our team manager is Belgian, this will be a bit like a home race for us, although I hope that lots of French will come to encourage us. In any case, we are going there to win and I really think that we can do so!”

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